The solution for better datacenter performance

We live in a world of data.
Everything we do produces data that are stored in the cloud on datacenters.

Today the demand for energy-intensive applications in these structures is ever increasing: artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, blockchain, cybersecurity, and meteorological models.

Over half of all electricity required to power a datacenter is for its cooling and thermal management systems.

DaTEG is designed to reduce the heat emitted by servers in datacenters.

The result? Significant increases in performance with no impact on durability and reduced operating costs.

Integrating different technologies enables DaTEG to improve server performance more efficiently and sustainably than the low-tech solutions currently on the market.

Our innovative approach to renewable energy

On average, photovoltaic systems can convert 15% of solar energy into electricity.
CentraTEG can convert over 70% of the total energy (thermal + electrical) for the same surface area.

The system integrates waste heat converting technologies without moving elements.

Its adaptive control system ensures optimal production outputs that align with operating and environmental conditions.

CentraTEG has been designed to work seamlessly with existing solar thermal systems

CentraTEG is ideal for industrial applications that require cogeneration. In these sectors, the system is competitive with mature commodity technologies, such as photovoltaics.

Sustainability, efficiency and maximum performances.